Idle Balls App Bewertungen

Just okay

this is not a 4 star game. it’s boring and poorly balanced. i suspect bot reviews

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Hey! Great game and all. I already reached level 150 and unlocked everything there is. It would be nice if you added more things to the game. I don’t want it to get boring because I enjoy this game.

You don’t get rewards promised for watching ads

It tells me I will get double the coins if I watch an ad. I watch the whole ad, then it brings me back to same place again without double the coins, but promises another double coinage if I watch an ad. It just keeps going in loops watching ads and never getting rewards.

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Would be fun, but..

The ads crash the game constantly. I don’t even mind the number of ads, it is a free game after all. However, the game is unplayable without the boosters and the ads crashing the game makes them unusable half the time. Fix the game, and I will fix my review. Until then, no ad clicks for you.


Game by itself is plain, and has adds every time you collect points. There is so much adds that the game is laggy.

Freezes, Steals your money, & Excessive Ads

This is calming to watch and helps pass the time. But when you want to increase your boosters you must watch an ad but it's not guaranteed they'll actually give you your boost! I spent money to get the x8 multiplier and it never worked. They fixed the bug where after you watch an ad it freezes but the ad at the bottom is totally fine. Now, you clicks freeze instead. Boosters aren't worth it. They just want the money they get from you watching the ads. Don't waste your time.

Sick of TopHatter

I love this game but whenever I go on I usually watch a video to get a speed boost. Recently (last week or so) ALL I get is this ad for an app called tophatter, so I watch it and then when it's over and I hit the X the game freezes. Tried 40 times (probably more) and every time it freezes and I don't get the 30 minute bonus, the few times I've had a different ad the game works fine and I get the boost from it. Please fix


So many ads it’s insane 2-3 ads just to collect your score it’s unbelievable.


Way to many ads. Every time i click collect at the top right goes right to an ad

Great game

This game is good if you are bored. You can just keep tapping while watching tv or something. I wish there was more balls though.

Way to many ads with no “payout” because of glitches

This was a fun game at first. There are many ads that you can watch to get x2 multipliers, or increased speed and revenue. I watch the adds and the game glitches out and i don’t get the rewards. Easy fix. Close the app then reopen. This will allow you to watch one ad and get rewards then you have to close out again and restart to do it again. Even then, sometimes it doesn’t work! Very frustrating. I am giving the game one more shot. Tonight, if no updates fixing this, I will be deleting.

Its great andall but...

Heres what i noticed if you leave idle balls and come back if gives you "money" but the level wont change...

No longer progresses in background.

When I don’t have the app open it still earns, but the level doesn’t progress. I liked it better when it would still progress in the background.

Boosters are broken

After watching an ad it won’t “reward” you with the boost. This has happened on multiple occasions across multiple updates.


App crashes after 5 minutes and when it does you lose your progress


The math is flawed The balls should be able to bounce into each other I get the purpose of ads but it's ridiculous Voodoo especially makes you watch ads and gives you no reward Why is it that when you're not on the app the money you made while you were gone shows up but you never pass the level?? You have to watch a lot of ads in order to get rewards, but then the app "glitches" and you just wasted 30sec of your life for nothing. I just lost 5Q because the app glitches. It was fun a first but once you start doing really well everything magically stops working correctly. Everything voodoo makes is terrible

Greedy Developers

Games made in this minimalist graphic style are only interested in ad revenue. Played the game for a few minutes and already at least 10 ads, including one before the game started. You want us to buy the ad-free version by bombarding us with ads? Deleting the game is a much better option.

Awesome 😎

This is so addicting I love it soooooooooooo much 😍

Fun but short lived

Surprisingly addictive time killer. My only wish was for more “Prestige” balls so you have something to strive for.


This game is awesome


It’s really fun I’m addicted but I have to say that there is a **** rob of adds There are watch an add to get double points and that kind of thing but even if you say no well you get an add anyway and that’s my biggest problem no matter what you do you get an add

Very good

Very good I love it buy it

Not recommended

Keep freeze after watching ads!! Try to kill some time end up wasting time! Oh!! And tooooooooooo much ads!!!

Makes my phone overheat!

Kills my battery, makes my phone over heat and doesn’t run in the background anymore

This is the best game i’ve ever played

It is so relaxing it has really good quality I need my brothers enjoy it a lot my mom likes it especially because she doesn’t have deal with us while we’re playing and since she like the game because she doesn’t have to worry about us she download it on her phone to so now all she has to do to relax is give my brothers her phone and then she is home free.

This is OK

Well you don’t really make any reason for the ads but this game is pretty good actually I’m gonna change the star rating from 3 to 4


This game makes my phone burn up but besides that it’s a really fun and calming game but if it wasn’t for my phone becoming hell then I would rate 5 stars


It’s just so fun and I love how it keeps going even when you get off the game.🤩

Great game...TOO MANY ADS!!

I get it, I can dish out $2.99 to remove the ads but that doesn’t seem right. The game is fun and simple, a good relaxer after a busy day but those ads make it sooo unpleasant. It almost seems predatory being bombarded by sooooo many unwanted ads that at times you feel compelled to spend that money to remove them. Now I understand the developer needs to make revenue and advertising is a way to achieve that but this is ridiculous. Collect your Leave the app for 5 To make it worse, a quarter of the time, the ads make the game crash and you lose any coins that you have earned. I’ve played the game here and there for the past month, I looked at my data usage recently and saw that this game has used half the amount of data that I’ve used streaming videos on Youtube, we’re talking gigabytes here...just ridiculous. I give the gameplay 5 stars, its entertaining, I give the experience of advertising overload 1 star so 3 stars seems fair.

Phone warms up when playing

This could be a fun game, but aside from the ads & crashes & bugs, I have another important problem. I have an IPhone 7 Plus & When I tap the circles instead of just watching the balls going around, my phone starts warming up. Also when I have the screen on for a little longer & don’t tap, it warms up again. That’s why I just have to play in short periods of times & it takes a really long time to level up. I like playing this game but I don’t want to damage my phone.

More prestige balls

This game is great but they should make more prestige balls so that the people that have everything can unlock more stuff.

Love the game

Love the game!!! BUUUUUT!!!!! add new balls! :D


The game was great and all but, I kinda lost interest after like, a week of playing it.

One of the best nothing to million game

The point of this game is that it starts from a ball only able to hit circles for 1 and then goes on if buying upgrades. And you can also prestige in this game which resets your stats and makes you get a new special ball. The only downside to this app is no recover which I guess why they didn’t add it was because it’s not necessary. But I made it far and I have to restart but it’s super easy


after every time i clicked collect there was an ad. i git to level 3 before i quit

It’s pretty decent

I like it because u can do it whenever and u don’t have to be connected to the interweb

Needs changes

Fun game, but desperately needs some bug fixes! I’m a paying customer, but I like to watch the videos so I can get the boosts! So many of the new ads shut down the application when they’re done running and won’t give you a boost! Please fix this!

Idle Balls

I rate this game a 7 1/2 out of 10 because it has way to much adds. Every time I go collect my money I always get a add so if you are reading this please fix the adds


Love it

Keeps getting froze after Ad

Now this game is causing safari to open the amazon gift card winner scam. It’s that seaport ad. Remove that ad. Uninstalled


Whenever I leave the app and come back, the app notifies me of how much I’ve earned while I was away. Then it gives me the option of collecting that amount or watching an ad to collect twice as much. Usually I hit the watch ad option but when I do the ad plays and afterwards instead of showing “your 2x earnings are...” it goes back to the exact same amount as before saying “while you were away, you earned...” but this time I can’t hit either of the collect buttons. I would love to give this app a 5 star once this glitch is fixed!!!


Please update im already done :/


EVERY VOODOO Game we are all click baited from ads or social media. Obviously all Voodoo cares about is money. It’s like this one every voodoo game 1 turn 1 ad and it doesn’t ever stop. For a voodoo game however this has great gameplay. That’s for a Voodoo game so... Yes ads are needed but does Voodoo even care about us? NOPE. Only about the money. I gave it 3 stars because it has decent gameplay but like every other voodoo game way too many ads. Can everyone just stop playing their games and put them out of business PLZ. F*** Voodoo

Too many adds

Ok game but is ridden with pop up ads you cannot close. Don’t get games by Voodoo because all the games have the ad problem

Love the game but too many ads

Most of the time I press collect an add comes up and it’s really annoying

The current build is adware cancer

Still true after 3/13/18 update. The current build of the game launches an ad in Safari repeatedly, even when not watching an add for in-game boosts. Please fix! (Pretty please.)

Yes and No

I have been reading reviews and honestly I just love this game but the bad reviews are right cuz the second day I had the game a scam popped up and now it keeps popping up every 5 to 10 seconds now I am a 12 year old with no money on my phone but ads almost constantly just 😖😡😑😪😤 so really I love it except for the one part that ticks me off EVERY TIME I PLAY A GAME ON A PHONE OR TABLET so honestly without the no ads purchase this game puts too much AD in addictive

Great game ! If you love LAG

Ok this game stinks it’s actually fun but it lags so much. Also, when you lay the game, it crashes a lot. I just got a brand new I pad and it still lags. Please fix the LAG

Oddly enjoyable

I like Idle Balls it’s perfect to fidget with while standing in a long line; waiting for a report to print; waiting for a train to pass... What’s not perfect is app support. I followed the link to report some bugs that have occurred since the update a week ago and definitely weren’t fixed by the last update 9 hours ago. I emailed the only two addresses offered on the site. One is for the option to publish my game and the other for if I have any questions about them publishing my game. Maybe there’s a chance they read their reviews and fix whatever is going on with the ads. Prior to today’s update, the Tophatter ad was redirecting to Safari and “ user you’re a winner” page. Now it’s the Final Fantasy ad, I can’t collect or add boosters without opening 30 tabs in Safari claiming I’m a winner. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!! Thanks.

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