Idle Balls App Bewertungen

Too Many Ads

It's a good game, but almost every time I press Collect, there's an ad. Why?

More Prestige Skins

I really like the base of the game, I would’ve put 5 stars, but the lack of prestige skins really makes me uncomfortable, so please, if happen to read this, please fix it. -DerpyBurgerZ


I enjoy Vodoo’s game but your talking about ADHD?!?! This hurts me on a personal level because my cousin has it and is very disabled. Remove the ads and anything like that that includes disabilities.


This game reset everything and took every ball that I had and iam all the way at level 1

Game froze

Enjoyed this game until it froze. Tried to contact app support but link takes you to a page with pictures of developers but no way of contacting them.

Good but

When I logged of with two prestige’s and I’m a level 63 with lots of the balls but, when I came back in I went down to a level 40 and took away half of my balls. Plus, lots of ads

Needs More

I got all the way to the Thunder ball and I’m bored because there is nothing more to do, could you add any more Prestige balls?

Good Game

It’s a really fun game , bet every time I collect my money it play 1-2 ads . So if you guys can fix that EVERY GAME you guys make has like 40 ads every 5 minuets so , if you guys can quit with the ads please . And I’ve experienced this with other games like ,Helix Jump etc etc . So please quit with all the ads .

Please tone it down.

The game is fun really fun and addictive. But the adds whenever I have so much money in my bank adds come 😡. All I’m saying is that can you tone it down. 4.5 stars ⭐️

Addictive but what happens at level 150???

No more prestige? Great game and time passer but are there more levels?

Needs more levels!!!!!!!!

Title says it all. I have beat the game and it is now boring

Boring and repetitive, to many ads

Like title boring and repetitive and WAY to many ads

Good app

This app is really satisfying ! But the only down side is it doesn't actually keep track of how many hits you get ... I probably had not played for a week because I was on vacation, and I only got a number of hits that I would get in an every day bases.🙁

Fantastic game!

If you are having problems with ads, you can turn off your wifi, and then the ads won't pop up. This is a great game overall though!!


Hi, can you make more prestige balls because I beat the game and I want play more but overall, I love the game!!!!

Ads all over the place

Considering the game requires you to watch an ad to even collect anything from the game isn’t always annoying. However this game likes to provide ads that the only way you can get done with the ad is by being forced to download the other game is pathetic. Not worth the time to even try it ever again.


How exactly is this supposed to be fun? Its a cheap and easy money grab from Voodoo. But it works because mindless idiots will shovel out money for things that are not worth it at all, just go see more pixels.

Devs please read!

Game is very fun, thank you! It helps keeps me from getting bored in the airport. There is a problem which needs your immediate attention: your numbering system is incorrect. The order of abbreviations for large numbers (trillion, quadrillion, etc.) should go ...t, q, Q, s, S, o, n, d, U, D, T... You currently have it going ...t, q, Q, u, U, s... which is very confusing. Please Google “abbreviations for very large numbers” to get the correct order. Thank you again!


Great game. Not lying, but now when I get on the app. Well try to. It kicks me off! Please fix

Very fun 👍

Great game to relax and have fun! I have seen the feedbacks and saw a lot of people saying there is way to many ads. Turn on Airplane Mode, it’s that simple. It does get boring sometimes when I play this but it is mostly fun! I would recommend people playing this game. 👍 Great game 👍

Way too many adds

It’s addicting but too many adds. That sucked. Rating a one

Idle balls

You should make sure that you can go through levels even if your offline

Pretty fun but

Theres way to much adds as you collect money and i know that they are trying to ADVERTISE out there but its really annoying. Also VooDoo, same with the waves, the frequency on the app hits again and it makes such a weird sound that days ago when i would get up my brain would go dizzy for a second.


I LOVE this game but it could use a new update. I am almost to the Thunder prestige and that is the last thing I need so I need a new update for more balls to get! Thanks!

Ad glitch

I watch the ads for double amount of money and it doesn’t work it just brings me back to collect or watch ad for x2 I hate this because I leave it on while I’m at school and I come home and after I watch the times 2 video it doesn’t work

Ads galore and bad physics

So many ads. Do you want to collect points that you NEED for upgrades? Watch an ad. I played for 15 minutes and saw almost twice that many ads. On top of this the balls bounce whatever direction they want. I've seen balls heading straight towards a wall and suddenly fly sideways so many times. Or they are going to skid another ball and suddenly repel back like they hit it straight on. Horrible game that the developers are probably making a ton of cash of off for all the ads you have to watch. You can pay, but honestly the bad physics just make it not worth it.

New prestige ball after thunder ball?

After you get the thunder ball there’s nothing to work towards. Can you include some more prestige balls after thunder?

How to not get ads

Guys. Stop complaining about the ads. It literally says right in the description "No internet required". Just turn off your Wi-Fi and there thats it. Its not that hard. In fact, every single Voodoo game doesnt need internet to work. Just put on airplane mode or turn off your Wi-Fi. There I saved all of your lives. Now stop with your "too much ads". The game is great though.

My favorite game!!

I love seeing all of the levels.


I like the game but holy God, there was an ad everytime I pressed a button!

Good but to much adds

I like playing the game but there is way to many adds. Also why do people have to pay to not watch adds why can’t there just be no adds in the first place


When I saw the ad for this on instagram the mom was doing way better than the dad and I think that is not true

Too many ads

Okay, I understand having some ads, but seriously?! Any time you want to collect money, boom, there’s an ad, it pretty much outweighs the fun of the game. And I see so many other reviews saying the exact same thing. Please fix

Read NOW

I love this game!!!!! Not

Good game

This game is really really good when your bored and mad. Everyone complaining about the adds, just play offline dummies Oh and BTW Check out my YT channel ETOWN08

Too many ads

Fun game. Ads make it unplayable.


this game is amazing I wish there was more to it though because I beat the game 5 star rating to this game definitely

Hard to progress

I’m near lvl150 but I can not go there because my strongest ball won’t hit it at all stuck in the same movement

No voodoo games

Voodoo, Do you know why every game is 12+ ?


It’s a rip-off!! It can’t level up while you’re not there, and they give you money in the game to fake it!!! The game has really bad math, because when i get money in the game, i lose the money that i had and only keep the money that i made THE GAME IS A RIP-OFF, AND YOU SHOUDN’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON IT!!!

fun but done

I finished the game now i have nothing to do please add stuff.

It’s okay....

When I first got it I was in love. But it takes soooooooooo long to be able to level up.... and now I have unlocked EVERYTHING and there isn’t anything left to do.... maybe add more stuff and make it so it doesn’t take MONTHS to get a new ball.... if they could fix those then I’ll make my rating higher....

A good way to pass time

When a first played it I didn’t know what it was but when I was playing it I was playing for hours and didn’t know and looked at the clock I was like wow it’s been 2 hours? I felt it was like 10 minutes

WAY to many ads

On top of the mountain of ads that the developers throw at you, the game is poorly made and just isn’t fun in any way.

Read This, Slow Your Ads, Move On.

This game is too dependent on ads to make up any revenue it could’ve had since its free. I am putting it out that you should be generous by having booster offers pop more often for ads than it popping at my face for every click I do for collecting. That tactic is cheap and I seriously ask every person to put the game on Airplane Mode if you want to freely play a game with no ads. This applies to any other games that use this sad excuse to earn revenue.

Overheats phone

I have an iPhone six and it consistently causes it to overheat


It is really fun but I don’t know why

Best game ever

Since I got the game I can’t stop playing it! Get it now!best game in my life!


It’s not giving me my money. When I was sleeping, it said I got 549 billion dollars or something like that and it didn’t give me it. The game also keeps glitching

Stick to adventure capitalist

Hey, if you are going to make us watch ads for rewards, at least give the freaking awards. There have been many, many times where I click on an ad for a boost, watch the whole thing and get nothing.

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