Idle Balls App Bewertungen



I love it

Me and my cosin are obsessed I played for like 5hlurs strait it’s awsoem

Used to be good

I liked it until they added prestige. Now the level only goes up if you have the app open. It defeats the fun. Also, using the prestige for the first time makes the game start over. I had almost all of the balls then it started over.

Almost perfect

This game is almost perfect. Except I’ve already collected all of the prestige balls and all the other ones as well and I feel like there is nothing else to do. Pls add more regular or prestige balls


One thing i hate about the game is when the balls get stuck in a corner and does not take any money from the object it is stuck on

Not a functional “idle” game

It’s fun and all, but while idle (ie while the app isn’t active on screen) you gain ‘revenue’ but no progress is made on the levels so there’s no leveling up. This is particularly annoying in high levels where it takes a while which means to make any progress, you just have to sit with the app active on screen for hours.

No Ads purchase should mean NO ADS!!!

I get why there are ads even if they are freaking annoying. But when I purchase no ads and still have to watch a 30 second final fantasy ad 100 times whenever I play is ridiculous. I paid the money for no ads. I want NO ADS!!

No... Just No

First off, ludicrous amounts of advertisements. Secondly, I left the game running for a bit, came back and it popped up saying I had earned 8b, great! But then, when I clicked to just get the regular amount, it attempted to pull up an ad and crashed, thus losing all of the idle gains. I wouldn't care too much if this hadn't happened 6 times. So, I'm done.

What is it about this game

Really dont know why I love this game so much


Fun game, but when you log in to collect double rewards, the ads cause the game the hang and crash, forcing a restart. Really annoying!

Ads crash the game

Particularly, the ad for Tetris Burst. 95% of the time this ad comes up, the game freezes and crashes. It also happens with the Secret Search ad.

Would had rated 5 stars but...

The game is really good and all but its a battery hog, my phone was on 100% 5 minutes later it’s at 88% plus you have to pay $2.99 dollars to remove ads. If you wanna make more money of the remove ads then change it to $0.99

Multipliers not working

Paid for point for multipliers set my multipliers to 4x but not recieving 4x the points

Game not playing while closed

I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be able to be one of those AFK games where you do your upgrades and what not and then close it out and it still plays. But I feel like it doesn’t continue once closed. I can sit there and watch my levels go up really fast with the game open but after I haven’t opened it for half a day I’ll be the same level I was before I closed it previously.


I love how I play the game and go to collect. When I get a ad. It doesn’t let me leave. When I restart the app. Guess what?!? The 10k I just earned doesn’t even give to me because I reset the app on the ad. Really? I understand as revenue but ummm. Maybe let people leave them lol

Deleted progress

I leveled up today and prestiged. I went back and checked and the prestige bonus was not saved. I'm back to where I started. Tons of progress lost.


Wayyyyy to many ads

Issues with balls

After you unlock the prestige balls you only depend on those to get through the levels. The other balls cost too much to upgrade and they don't do crap when they do get upgraded. You can have 14 balls bouncing around on the screen and only one prestige ball is having an impact in the level. Flawed and makes it boring.

Please take this into consideration

So I love the game it’s just that every time I collect a ad shows up can you lower ads told maybe put a buy no ads for 0.99 plesseeee other than that I love the game

Too Many Ads

If there weren’t ads very time I collect my coins, then I will gladly give this game 5 stars!

Covered in adds

Every time you want to collect avenue there is an add. Unacceptable frequency.



More options needed

There should be a way to earn currency through game play instead of having to buy it. Like every level up gets you a few coins or something

Good but broken

I really enjoyed playing Idle Balls. But has become impossible to play. I got really excited about the prestige balls. But when I got the update, it made it impossible to open, and I have a ton of stuff, so I'm not ok with deleting and redownloading. Please fix this so I can keep playing.


There are too many ads and there is no point in the game other than to get points which is boring because you just sit around. I give a 2 stars AT BEST.

Bug fix or reformat needed

I keep trying to click on the Balls, Prestige, etc. options at the bottom but ads keep popping up. I don’t know if this is because the buttons are right above the ad banner or a new function but it’s quite annoying.

Needs a serious bug fix

I was enjoying playing this game until I got to level 140 and most of my balls got stuck in a pattern in which they would not hit the targets. I tried leaving it running all night and When I looked at it the next morning, the target number had an even dropped by one number. The Fun part of this game is advancing levels and getting higher powered balls. When this becomes impossible because the balls will not hit the targets, it’s not a whole lot of fun anymore. Please figure out a way to fix this.

Soooooooooooo many ads

I understand that the developers have to get their money’s worth, but having ads every time you click the collect button? Ehhh... Good game otherwise



Requires more updates

The new update just came out and i already have the thunder prestige ball and the atom ball so there is no longer any goal to pursue. The game requires more balls and balls that are harder to get like make a ball that requires 10Z just so you can have something to pursue for a long time.

Overly excessive ads.

I understand the need for ad revenue, but when given the choice to collect your offline earnings, OR watch an ad for double earnings, you wouldn’t think you’d have to sit through an ad for the first choice. This is on top of always having ads on the screen, and the game being interrupted every couple minutes to force you into watching an ad. Ridiculous, money-hungry pigs... Otherwise, the game is pretty good, which is the only reason I gave more than one star.

Serious problems.

Loved the game starting out. But the recent update has all the worst features of “Pong” — balls getting trapped in endless cycles. Worse, for two days now, I can’t seem to return to the game after an ad for a bonus without the game simply freezing up and losing all the accumulated points as I have to restart it.

Game is ok

Don’t really do much but watch and upgrade your... balls. Yeah. Ok. The ads can be a bit much, especially when it prompts you to get x2 points. You get and ad regardless of doubling your points or not. Kinda lame.

Great game - read the review

Best addicting game ever and if you keep getting ads then just turn off your WiFi and play. And they have ads so they can keep the game up so yea.

Too many ads

Terrible, it would be fun if there wasn't so many ads.

Too many Ads

Almost every time you tap a core feature you get an AD

Please update for iPhone X

Love this game and the simplicity of it. Don’t mind the ads. An option to blow up an entire ball after a certain amount of time would be cool and it maybe takes some time to recharge before you can use it again.

Ad crashes & Ball glitching

Fix the add crashes and balls sticking to bouncing from one corner to another without changing direction when you are down to your last target or two. Really annoying getting stuck on a level because nothing is hitting the target.

Broken game

I was enjoying the game and actually spent money on some of the “permanent multipliers” in the shop. I purchased x8 but did not receive x8 on anything that I noticed so that was a huge let down. I was at level 146 with one circle left to clear and my one ball that can chip away at it and clear it after a couple hours went into an infinite path that does contact the ball. It will take a year to clear it without. I spent money and got burned. Don't make the same mistake.


These series of ads are wonderful! My only complaint is that once in a while my advertisement experience is interrupted by this game with bouncing balls. I mean if I wanted to play a game why would I have downloaded this ad player? Come on and fix this. Get rid of the balls and make me watch ads solely. These advertisers have to make money. How can they make money if we have to play the game one third of the time... Oops, sorry it's just been brought to my attention that this isn't SUPPOSED to be an ad player.

What are prestige balls

I’m not going to restart my progress if you jokers won’t explain what they are

Ball keeps getting stuck in corner

My top upgraded ball keeps getting stuck in the corner when a new level spawns. This has happened every 10 levels or so (I am extremely unlucky) and the ball doesn’t do any damage when it’s stuck in the corner. Either make the balls spawn further from the corners or allow balls to damage the block when they get stuck. Literally takes 5-6 hours of the game running to complete a level when your top prestige ball is stuck because the prestige balls are so over powered.


If you saw one of the only cheats on YouTube for this game DON'T DO IT! I did it and I had to restart my entire iPad and I lost all of my progress and I don't want all of you to feel my pain.

The game lies to you

The 10x revenue booster only gives you 2x revenue. What's up devs?



Holy ads Batman

Ads ads ads

Terrible game, terrible development

Stupid amount of ads, every time I switch tabs I get an ad and end up spending WAY more time watching ads than playing.

How does this have more than 1 star

Is Apple allowing people to pay for stars? Are they paying people to write good reviews. This is a garbage game with more adds than play time.

Features needed badly

Too many ads. That’s already been stated. It’s worth the $3 to get rid of them IF there were some changes made. I’m on a level right now where my most powerful ball will not hit the target since it’s stuck in a repetitive pattern and won’t change even if the game is restarted. Maybe a shake phone feature that will change the direction of balls or a “bomb” of sorts that blasts them all in different directions? Something need to be done because I’m going to be stuck on this level for WEEKS.

I love that you can get balls cool game

Very good game

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