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Ad city

So it isn't enough cash for the devs from banner ads, you also get bombarded every 5 times or so that you collect money. Absolutely ridiculous, especially a game as simply made as this, it’s just shameful. Ill turn off my cell data whenever I want to play for a few minutes.

Ads ads ads

Super fun as long as you are fine with watching ads cause that’s the game


May be the worlds most boring game, like pong is better and I’m a fan of other voodoo games so not sure what they were thinking here

Amazingly addictive

This game is would be an amazing time passer if you are a person who has nothing on there schedule or if you need to kill time


Love it


You can just go to settings and date and time and change it and you get money. My brother is doing it

Love the app but some changes would be great

I'm level like 30 but still not the best app ever like the bug were when I have my fingers on the balls they brake so a few changes but it's OK not too good not too bad not too cool not to amazing so can you please change those things but I would really appreciate if you didn't to so please don't just because I don't want to I want to break the game I want to but I don't

So many ads...

I can’t click collect without an ad popping up. I love the game design, but seriously way too many ads. You are basically forcing us to give you the three dollars to remove ads because there are so many. I could make this on my computer in a day with no ads. It’s a bad game, 4/10 (2/5)

WAY too many ads

Game is reasonable, but full screen ads every other time I go to collect is uncalled for. I can barely play the game enough to even decide if I like it enough to pay for no ads because all I do is watch ads.


I love this game because it is so so so awesome 👏 I love it and it makes me very happy when I play it again and again it is so fun and my friends love it to👍🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

Nice game

Nice game! Very addictive but also uses skill for your brain power!!


Idle balls is a very addicting game and I love it so much I play it every day when I get home

Gets annoying

This is a really fun and relaxing game. Except, the ads completely ruined the game. I can understand other games with ads, but an advertisement almost every time I press a button? It then gets repetitive and annoying. I’m leaning towards deleting this app.

Coolest game ever

Lovin it

Ads a little obsessive

I love the game because it’s just passive fun. But the ads are obsessive. It wouldn’t be as bad if you’d cut the time of the ad in half or allowed a skip option after a few seconds, but every ad being 30 seconds long for how many there are is too much. The speed boost should be longer and the cap for how many times you can boost should be raised. I think there could be more balls too for end game content.

Great Game!!!!

This is a great idea for a game. Perfect for Zen, and the like! Trust me, ads are no big deal , but support this sort of groundbreaking idea! Yes, sometimes Less IS More. 👍🏼👍🏼


I love this app

Great game

Great game



The Game

This game is ok but it’s the ads are the problem with the game and is weird because it’s my mom will not be able to buy it because I don’t have that much of money


Fun game but way too many ads

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Voodoo is money hungry

Don’t get me wrong I love this game but the ads are unbearable and I’m not sure if it’s worth it


This app needs more ads.

Come on with the ads bro

Way too many ads. Every time you collect the balls? Really? Rediculous

Too many ads

I actually liked this game a lot. I wanted to enjoy it, but I just couldn’t, because there are WAY too many ads. You progress by collecting money to upgrade things. You get more money every couple seconds. That means you see a 10-15 second ad every couple seconds of gameplay. I get that you need ads to make money, but this is not the way to do it.


I'm going to start off by saying this game could be really REALLY fun. I am a big fan of "upgrade" games and idle type games. They give me a sense of satisfaction when I go from a small whatever to a huge whatever. Same thing with this game. It is fun when I get a new ball and obliterate the entire level, but there is one HUGE flaw that bothers me beyond belief. Every time you hit collect, you get an ad. Every. Single. Time. This is absolutely ridiculous. I understand ads, and some games can display quite a bit, but when there is an ad every single time you hit the button for a KEY FEATURE, that is just absurd. Either make it after 3 hits or so or find another way to display them. FIX IT!!!

disconnect the wifi

Then the ads are gone!


This game is absolutely amazing!

Awesome game!

Awesome game!


10 out of ten


Your really just watching balls hit ball. Its one of the most stupidest game you can download but its entertaining. Also the game runs by itself while its not even open and voodoo pays for 5 star reviews...


Maybe it’s just me, but this game crashes a LOT. And when it does, it resets progress- like from level 37 back to level 9. Additionally, the ads are a bit excessive. I understand that ad revenue is how developers make a living, so I usually don’t mind a few here and there. But in this game there are just way too many ads. My last criticism is that the level curve is quite steep. The beginning levels go by lightning fast, but by the time you get to level 40 or so, the levels seem to take forever by comparison. That all being said, this is still a fairly entertaining time killer.


When you first open the game the collect times two doesn’t work it’s overall a good game tho

Great game

I love this game

Fun game, nothing but ads

Endless ads, not even worth playing after ten minutes of nonstop ads

Way too many ads

Very fun game, good gameplay, but when you have a feature such as the collect button, dont make that your primary add “activator.” Cant even enjoy this game with the amount of ads constantly popping up.

Fun game

This is a fun game to play in your idle time

False Advertising

Let me be clear in saying that I never write reviews and this is my first in a very long time. I feel really upset that I paid 2.99 for "No Ads" when all I really did was pay for the ability to skip the ads although they still pop up. Wow. This is absolutely ridiculous. I really want my money back.

Pointless fun

I don't know why I like this game so much but I can't stop playing it. Lol

Very addicting

It is super addicting.when I'm bored and have nothing to do,I play idle balls.highly recommend!

A Great Game that could be Greater

This is already a fantastic game that perfectly mixes continuously addicting gameplay that keeps getting you to come back and play more and at the same time a simple system of upgrades that allows anyone to be able to understand and play with ease. However, I am unable to give this game 5 stars because I know it can be more than it is. This game has been out for 2 months and still there have been no major game changing updates. Most clicker games that come out have level rewards, a prestige system, etc. at launch. The problem with those other clickers are that they are mostly all the same. This game on the other hand fells fresh and new to play and adding new features like I talked about earlier would only make it better. Thank you for making such a great game and hopefully this reaches you so you know what the fans (at least I hope other players want more content) want.


This is funny and awesome game you can get watermelon and cookie and it's just awesome

Great concept, poor execution

This game is decent for an hour or so, but by the time I unlocked the 8th or 9th ball I realized that it’s not even cost effective to do so. At that point you already hit the end-game strategy of keeping the tennis ball as your biggest money-maker. It wants to be an exponential accumulation game, but is missing a lot of the elements that actually make those games fun. Every ball has the exact same exponential factor, there’s not breakpoints for boosts, no prestige, so every single unlock or purchase is less efficient than the previous one. If you maximize efficiency, unlocking the last ball only accounts for 0.02% of your income... pointless.


It’s a really great game, one of the best games out there. But seriously? I know you want money but I have seen apps have little ads and make a ton of money! Lower the amount of ads and I will change review.

money hungry.

the game is semi fun. but the fact that every time you collect your money you have to give into voodoo’s corporate greed is honestly pretty stupid. i downloaded the app so that i can have a money farm based game, not so i could serve voodoo’s revenue.

Littered with ads

This game is littered with pop up ads also very boring after 5 minuets

amazing game

don’t believe the haters i adore this game and haven’t paid the $3 .. it’s a non-issue A+ work .. when i reach level 200 i’ll buy it 😉


The ads are a joke. Want to do anything? Watch an ad. No thanks.

This game!

I love it cause it helps me with my A.D.H.D it keeps me calm.

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