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It’s a fun game but it keeps crashing on me to I can’t play it.


Crashes all the time. It will open for about two minutes, then crash.

It's a fun game but so many ads

I can't stand how every one minute or so I have to watch an ad that takes up 30 seconds.

Great Game But Annoying

Every time I collect I’m given an ad every time and it’s get irritating after a while. The only way I don’t get the ads is I turn off my WiFi and I don’t want to do that every time I collect.

To many ads

Nearly every thing you do makes an add pop up. I left the game and went back on and it said 260 point or whatever you want to call it. Below it said collect and double rewards I clicked collect and an add still piped up.

Why it is a rip off

It is a rip off because it's a rip off

Great if all you want to do is watch ads


I’m a professional

Hi, I’m a professional. My name is Viola Quinn and my job is to review games and toys. I post their ratings on my blog, VQ’s Ratings. I give them a 10 for awesome and a one for terrible. And if a game is super good or super bad i give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down. After playing this game and studying it i have decided to rate it. My rating is so important i wanted to let everybody know before they got the game. This game is.... a thumbs DOWN!! It is pointless and has way to many ads. This game is not worth your time. Don’t waste even a minute on this pointless game. Sincerely, VQ

Best game ever



<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3

Sends me out of the game

It keeps sending me back to the App Store for random apps and games😡 And it sends me out of the game completely

You can hold the Numbers

Also Ball Powerups

20% of the game is ads

I opened this game with high hopes. Then I got an add. I tapped a few circles, then I wanted to collect. Another ad. I play for a few minutes, then I want to collect again, and I get another ad. I leave my phone, come back to a screen that says “double your collect for an ad” so I said nah, I just want to play. I hit the collect button, and boom. Hit with another ad. For not doubling. There is no way around it. You will get ads. Play for 3 min, watch an ad for 30 seconds. If you love ads, then this game is for you.

Scum bags

This game is nothing but competitive as watching. Many games are like that anymore, but these devs take it one step farther, I literally got a redirect, I had the game open, and the game opened safari and took me to a scam site. I hope your homes burn down for creating such a pathetic money grubbing game. You devs need to delete your coding programs, throw your hardware in the garbage, and never participate in anything in the field ever again. Go die.


The ads are something you cannot ignore. Every time you go to collect your Every time you open the Also when you do watch a ad to double revenue or give yourself a boost, you will watch the whole ad and then it will crash and give you nothing. My game just froze completely even after I hard restart it. 10/10 would not recommend.

Messed up game

This is one of my favorite games but every time i open the app it crashes and shuts down. Please fix the issue

New update is terrible

I didn’t have issues before but now this app constantly closes on me all of a sudden for no reason

Fun game but...

I'm at level 175 I have prestiged through all the balls. They need some new updates and maybe a ad free purchase and a unlimited double money purchase. Other then that very fun. Please add new updates!

Fantastic except

This game looks easy but it takes some thinking to get the most out of it! One problem. My points are not receding when the balls are hitting.......... I have wrote a couple times and no reply. Please advise! I love this game!


The ads are brutal and they are nonstop in their constant badgering of the player. The collect mechanic was made to PUSH IN MORE ADS!!! I expect a good update to fix this.


The app keeps crashing.




I tried to play but kept crashing when I started tapping and I think the ads are better than the game itself. Also it doesn’t have a tutorial or at least mine didn’t make it to it.

I diagnosed myself with epilepsy because of this game.

Yeah the ads are terrible but no one warns you of having a black out seizure from the business of the balls and the flashing colors. Still, somehow addicting I just need to play in moderation and with sunglasses on.

points don't add up

my points won't add up unless I put the game in the background and let it roll for awhile. then when I bring it back up in forced to watch an add to get the points I missed. just the dumbest thing. at least on the interactive ad in other games you could actually buy upgrades as you go. this is dumb.


You guys should add more prestige balls


It closes the game out every 2 mins and makes me restart crap game

The ads

So many ads! When you click on a ball, AD! When you collect money, AD! Voodoo is just money hungry! The game is sorta fun but unplayable. Do not buy or recommend!

Not great?...

App constantly crashes, no explanation of what this game’s purpose is. Pretty lame.

Complete and Utter ****

The ads show up about every other time I click the button to give me my points. That is the most annoying thing ever. Also, whenever I try to watch an ad for boosters, the game just freezes up. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but it was useless. This game is 💩

Freezes up

Whenever I try to do the boosters and the “tap to riches” ad plays it ALWAYS freezes the game. I love this game but would love it a lot more of this bug was fixed!

Holy mother of ads

I thought people were just frustrated by a couple of annoying ads, but they weren’t kidding. That is absurd! I opened the game and only clicked on two things and had to wait through a 30 second ad for each click. And this game is definitely not worth $2.99 to get rid of ads. Welp, so much for that

I can’t even play.

It crashes every 30 seconds.

iPhone X

This game is awesome but Keeps crashing on the IPhone X, i get on game for 1 min or 2 then crashes


Issue where after watching an ad it doesn’t give you what you watched it for and stops all the boosters even the ones you didn’t have. Please fix ASAP as it greatly disrupts the game. Otherwise I really like it


Stays on the same level unless I’m in the app

Very addictive

This game is very fun and addictive but it keeps crashing from time to time.


I have almost beat the game already and I like it too much to quit the developers should add more balls and prestige


Don’t know. Crashes after 30 seconds of playing. Resets after crash so all progress is gone. Removing.

I really love the game but....

I never pay for games but I was enjoying this 1 so much that I bought the ad free. Now every time I try to use the speed boost the game locks up. I would give this game 5 stars if not for that. That is the boost I use most so it’s very frustrating.

Crashes all the time nothing to do

Very boarding crashes all the time, you lose progress. Frequently cheats you out of coins you have earned. No clue what the last page of choices if for. Tons of ads, everytime you try to collect coins there’s an add. Honestly worst clicker game I’ve ever played.

Broke my phone

This game is extremely fun but make sure you don’t play it too much or else you’ll break your phone. Once you get to the higher levels the game will act very slowly and the app with crash and sometimes reset your phone and also your phone will get very hot from the app stressing the battery. I am playing the game on an iPhone 8 on the newest iO11 firmware. So BE CAREFUL GUYS!

Great game!

This game is awesome it’s fun if your bored the stuff is actually addicting please make some more updates and keep up the good work

Mini rant

I’ve had this game for a while and ever since I got it the app the balls getting stuck has been a thing It’s about time they fixed it Took you guys long enough

Idle Balls

It’s an okay game but when an ad comes on and you have a boost even after you already watched the ad for it there’s another ad and the boost time keeps going so you lose time but besides that it’s fine

I think you should fix this

Fix like when you get the liser or fire you need to get reed of everything and fix that


Absolutely terrible. I would watch an ad to collect my money which is already annoying but then when I get back, it wants we to collect my money from when I was watching a ad and when I do that, I HAVE TO WATCH A AD

More balls please

Please add more balls and prestige balls like a clock that is prestige that you need level 225 and glitter ball that you need level 300 it is also a prestige

Big mistake downloading

The epitome of boredom, in general a very bad game, and is not fun at all. Level ups are slow paced, to the point where you simply are and cannot do anything. I would highly suggest you stay far from this game and others like it. This game a complete waste of time, effort, and space.

Wish I could leave zero stars...

To be honest, this is a terrible game. You actually have to watch an ad for everything. An ad to collect what you earned, an ad to boost your earnings, an ad no matter what, always at the bottom of you screen. It’s actually pretty ridiculous and there’s no way I’m buying “no ads” for a cheap, silly clicker game. It also froze multiple times.

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