Idle Balls App Reviews

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I really hate it how you have to be in the game so the levels go up don’t make that a thing I spent 2 hrs inside the game JUST to level up 2 time cuz I’m in the 90’s but everything else is quite good BUT make it not TOO irritating because if your strongest ball does 900 trillion then don’t make the circles have 500 quintillion health that’s insane and stupid

Those ads are the WORST

The game is very popular but most people say there are to many ads so Mabel you should remove them because probably they don’t Handel with ads.

Ripped Off

I spent $6 to get credits for an 8x multiplier and it doesn’t even work. Nothing changed at all. Overall enjoy the game tho.

Too many ads

2 ads literally anytime i click anything? Deleted.


Why can't I just get my money without any ads!?! It's stupid! I can't even get money without ads right left and fricken center!!!!!!!

Good game

This game has been really relaxing, especially with the changing colors as they get hit. The two problems with this game is the in app purchases are overpriced and kinda dumb. Also whenever you want to collect your money it makes you watch an add. Otherwise, this is a great game and I would highly recommend it

Version update?

Any chance of getting an update that works on the iPhone XS?? I paid for no ads... but now I can’t use the app because the ratio is off for my screen.

Payed actual money

I payed $3 to remove ads, and I’m still seeing them. Like... why? Thanks for taking my money team, good screw over work!!!

To glitchy and annoying please read

I like playing and it is fun but earlier today I started playing, was at level sixty seven and I worked my butt off to get to level 75 and I was so close I had a little bit left of level 74 and then it glitches me out and made me start back from level 67 and I would give this app a better rating but this is not the first time this has happened i was try to get to level 30 and it kept me from doing so for a while it is fun and I feel bad for writing a bad review but this keeps happening and I don't want others to go threw the stress of wasting time


There are some adds but no matter because sometimes there are glitches and no adds show up BUT if you have no wi_fi when you can collect money with no adds!!! Now about the game. I love this game because it takes time I love it because you can upgrade so you don’t have to wait as long. I give this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I hope you do to love this game.

negative money

i’ve been playing this game for a while, but today when i opened it, it said i have negative money

Fix the ad spamming for poor people

Every time you collect your money it pops up an ad, couldn’t you make ads less probable to happen when you press that one button!!!

Minor bug fix

The app keeps bugging out and I am losing 4 lvl. of progress and takes a way all of the balls up to the donut also it bugs out about every 1-5 minutes if I'm lucky 6-10 so voodoo could you please fix that

To many ads

Fun but to many ads

5 stars!

Great game, but I have a few suggestions. 1: More balls. 2: level out the ball costs and upgrades, it is completely unbalanced. 3: Less ads. Although you can get rid of the ads by setting your phone to airplane mode, this is annoying and should be stopped. 4: Add a way to rebirth without using prestige to the next ball, and then make it so you get rebirth credits that can be used to buy the currency in shop. (You have to be lvl 100 or above to rebirth) Other than that, this is a good game! Keep up the good work!

Love it, but kinda bored now

This game is great, if you still have balls or prestige to obtain. But once you have it all, there aren't anymore milestones to reach - so it gets boring. I barely play much now.


Game is fun just crashes and freezes a lot can’t get more than 5 mins without having to reload

Another game! Oh that also means more ads...

This games great OH ALSO DON’T JUST TELL ME TO BUY NO ADS!!!! Yeah this games ad filled besides that it’s great

More work

Sometimes the ball just will go back and fourth and you don’t hit anything

Add new ones

Recently I just beat the game how? Well I reached he last prestige you need to add more


I'm a frequent user of this company's games. I personally think they're fun and relaxing,as well as challenging. But this one is NOT worth your time. It's super laggy and buggy, and every time I go to make a purchase, the game crashes. I'll give the game the benefit of the doubt and say that it might be my iPad freaking out, but I highly doubt it. Personally, I think Voodoo has made much better games, like Helix Jump or Color Road.

Need more balls to prestige

I have prestiged all of the balls so I need more

Frustrating ball path

The highest valued balls always get stuck in a linear path along the side of the “level” thus, once you get high enough, it’s almost impossible to pass on to the next level. This glitch has been occurring for the last 5 or 6 updates, so I’m. It sure it will be taken care of anytime soon.

Any new prestige balls soon?

Anything new getting released soon? What’s max level?

The ads make me mad

The makers of this app just want money by putting adds every second🤬


A ad for this game asked if you have adhd. That is RUDE AND OFFENSIVE!!!!!!!

Bring back the 10x touch and 10x cash boosters

I would rate this game 5 stars but because they got rid of the 10x touch and 10x cash boosters I’m rating this game 4 stars

Very good app

It is a great game but I am finished with it. Could you add more stuff to it please?

XD people

The game is good But wut Bug was fix or it was a real Bug XD


There are so many ads in this game. You have to watch an ad to collect the points you’ve already earned from playing the game. Crazy, right? I would have rated lower but it’s a nice game to relaxation, I guess.


I’ve enjoyed playing this game for the last few weeks and was getting close to unlocking the final prestige ball but hit a glitch. I was on level 139 for a while and after finally moving on to level 140 and making significant progress, the app crashed and when relaunched put me back at level 139 and took away all of my revenue. To me it’s not worth it to continue.

Too many ads but addictive........

^ |


For some reason idk if it’s just me or when ever you collect you money it has as an ad and i don’t know why But for the most part I love the game It’s also great for relaxation But I really don’t know this happens for other people Anyways I still love the game!

Fun but Way too many ads

If you want to buy the game it might be better but ADs every time you turn around.

Too many ads

The amount of ads makes this game almost unplayable.

Very interesting

This game is really good and I love how you can still collect points and even though you are off the game. For those complaining about “ads” there will always be ads in everything. And there’s no such thing as “too many ads” unless you’re getting a booster or extending the booster or doubling your money or collecting them and you can also skip them in most cases. So stop your whining it’s annoying.

Time wasting

I have an iPhone 7 so this game will easily work but it crashes a lot. and when it crashes it doesnt save. To some people this game might also be fun but to me it is just boring.

Too many ads

App works as advertised but suffers from one major flaw: TOO MANY ADS. The use of ads is a good way of company’s that do free apps to make some money off of their apps, but there is a way to do it correctly. When you have to watch an add just to do a basic function of the game, you’ve gone overboard. Almost Every time you want to collect the currency from tapping, you have to watch an ad. This would have been a very fun app, but the amount of ads completely ruins it, and this seems to be a running theme with apps from this company.

Great game

If all you want to do is watch Ads

Too many ads

This game is really fun but there are WAY to many ads. The point of the game is to get balls and make money but every 2 times you collect there is an ad. Trying to by a ball, another ad. please fix because I love this game.

Love this game

This is the second time I bought this and I just love it also plz add more balls and fix it to soccer ball and not football I know the Spanish do that but make a duplicate for different languages then make more games like this I luv all your games!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add More prestige balls

Now that I have all 5 prestige balls, Its pretty boring, you guys should add like a level 200, 250, 300 and etc prestige balls, also think up of some more elements for it, thanks -RobtheTNT

Too many adds

I dont mind watching a couple ads to get a few rewards but when the game forces an add on you the moment you log in and collect offline earnings, that just shows that this game is NOT for entertainment. Its simply made to waste more time than you have. I found a loophole though. I collect offline earnings and when it forces an ad on me i just force reload the game. When i log in for the second time however, all the money that took hours to save up is nowhere to be seen. I deleted the game because of this.

Fun nice colors but TONS of ads

The game itself is pretty good but to make any money you have to watch a ad and the game becomes repetitive pretty quickly but the colors are pretty good.


I really love this game. I am so competitive with it and it is such a good stress reliever I swear on my life I am not saying this for another reason but to tell the truth.


What is the point of the currency? The C currency...?

Great Game I can fix the ads!

I love this game addicting game actually if you hate the ads then just turn on air plane mode of just turn off WiFi as easy as that!


When you tap collect to don’t receive what you made also forced ads definitely drop the rating. Voluntary ads I don’t mind and usually watch but not forced ads

Great app but more prestige items

As I started the game, it took me awhile to get to thunder after I got to 10 o you have to wait days just to just get a single upgrade! But overall nice app

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