Idle Balls App Reviews

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It is really fun but I don’t know why

Best game ever

Since I got the game I can’t stop playing it! Get it now!best game in my life!


It’s not giving me my money. When I was sleeping, it said I got 549 billion dollars or something like that and it didn’t give me it. The game also keeps glitching

Stick to adventure capitalist

Hey, if you are going to make us watch ads for rewards, at least give the freaking awards. There have been many, many times where I click on an ad for a boost, watch the whole thing and get nothing.

Too many ads, and they’re inappropriate.

Ads pop up every time you collect your “money” so it makes it not even fun. The ads are inappropriate for my 12 year old girl. When the fist thing that pops up is “HOT DAN TEXTED ME 🍆🍆” Shame on you.

Some many adds

Great game and good concept but when you try to play there are so many ads. There are so many ads that you are barley even playing your just watching adds. It is sad to know that these creators don’t care about good games they just care about money.

Ad machine

Too many ads try playing in airplane mode.

Excessive ads

Every time you tap it is a new ad. Spending more time watching ads than actually playing.

x 2 isn’t working anymore

UPDATE. The fix was made and I can watch videos again. New question. Who came up with the insane “cost” of increasing the power of a prestige ball? I pay more than 5 “s” (whatever that stands for) for less than 1 “u”. I don’t know what either letter stands for but the difference is huge! Since the bug fix I can’t watch an ad and get double the coins and the app freezes. I enjoy this app for some strange reason but really want the X2 option to work again. The minor fix didn’t address the inability to click the x2 button and watch video for double coins.

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads

Impossible to enjoy unless you turn off wifi every time you want to play, or buy the no ads, not really worth it.

A middle finger in game form

Expect to watch a video between every button press. Absolute garbage.


Ads ads ads ads ads ads

It’s good, but...

“Idle” Balls doesn’t really live up to it’s name. It hardly makes ANY progress without someone on the app. If you could find a way to fix this, I’ll give you five stars.

Too many ads

Listen, this game is fun it’s addictive,but, for the people that don’t have the game the main focus is to get points by popping circles either by tapping or buying different types of sport balls to get more points, but it has a flaw, when you collect your points you have to watch an ad, which I though was fine at first but as I progressed through the game it became more annoying. Also when you open the game it asks you to either double the points you got while you were away by watching an ad or just collecting your points normally, BY WATCHING AN AD, SO YU HAVE TO WATCH AN AD EITHER WAY, you have no choice!!, also you can’t make a vital part of the game only accessible by watching an add, it’s infuriating, it’s fine if you give the people the option to double by watching an ad but you’re essentially forcing people to have to do it every time, also I’m aware that it’s a free game ad you need ads to actually make money, but you’re spamming ads all over making the game horrible, EVEN when I found this game as a mini game in an add it gave you the points automatically, you didn’t have to do anything else. The game isn’t bad but the endless ads definitely ruin it, I do not recommend this.

Demo is better

I honestly liked the game demo better🤷‍♀️

This game is bad.

This game is bad. Youre basically getting a huge add for your phone. This is about as bad as PartyMasters.

Ads and glitches...

The ads and glitches are bad change it

Ads are not appropriate for kids

This game shows sexually explicit ads for other games despite its 12+ rating. My kids have seen a game about sexting. Unacceptable!

Ad fest

This game is basically ads broken up by an idle game. Want to collect you earnings while playing the game, watch an ad.

I love this game so much! So additive.

I saw this game in an ad and it looked super cool, so I gave it a try. Turns out, it’s my favorite Voodoo game Yet! It so relaxing when your stressing and the ads don’t ruin the game at all. I would recommend this game to anybody who stress a lot and lots of people. It’s a 5 star worthy game from me!

Needs more content

I have been playing this game for some time now. But there needs to be more to do. I have gotten to the point that I have to wait a day or two to have enough money to upgrade my prestige. Also once you get prestige the other balls are so insignificant that I haven’t touched them in a long time. There also needs to be more prestige now as I have gotten past level 200. UPDATE: I came to realize today that it has been 6 months since anything major was done with this game. Please add more!!

Too many adds and too much time

This is a cool concept if you like the Idle line. But you do not level up unless you are physically playing the game so you will pretty much have to leave the game on all the time plus you cannot collect a single dime without watching an ad.

An ok game

Its ok but really after you get all the prestige whats left. Just a boring video thats whats left.

Ads! Ads! Ads!

This game loses it’s fun factor fairly quickly. It is definitely not worth the $2.99 price tag to remove the ads, which hamper this game so very badly. My suggestion would be to not even waste your time.

What’s going on??

I downloaded this game thinking it would be a fun pass time because I played the ad demo. There is a major problem here becoming I keep clicking “balls” and according to the game I have like 50 balls but only one shows up. Umm 😐... what?! I don’t know if it is only me ????

Okay, but a few changes need to be made

All in all this game is pretty nice but I don’t like the fact that when your not in the app you don’t go up any levels. Also it gets very laggy whenever you try to use the speed boost.

Ad traps

I sit through the 15-30 second adds to boost my speed or revenue and then after the add nothing is boosted, waste of time and false advertising very disappointing, might as well play the game on airplane mode and not have any ads at all then to be tricked into watching ads and not receiving the rewards they describe, truly disgusting.

It's to boring...

I was maybe thinking every ball you buy there's this like cannon that shoots out all of the balls that you buy oh and maybe make the prestige balls on a lower level thank you.

More Balls?

I’m lvl 180, and I’ve got no more Prestige Balls to work towards... which kinda defeats the purpose of having this game, besides watching them just bounce around, etc.


I find it extremely funny that this app advertises for people with ADHD. Being extremely ADHD, I decided to try this game. Now, this game is the absolute opposite of a relaxing game for people ADHD. The constant freezing and having to reload the app on top of the constant ads make this extremely frustrating, ESPECIALLY for someone with ADHD. I would never recommend this game to anyone, and I suggest that the developers pay closer attention to their audience.

Further prestige?

Just wondering if there’s a plane to add more prestige’s or I should just reset? Otherwise love the game for killing time


So just like literally every single other clicker game, this one bombards you with ads, no surprise there. But whenever I try to collect my money, I get an ad that crashes the game and doesn’t give me my money. 0/10 would not recommend.


Fun game but 75 percent of the time when you watch the ad it doesn’t give you the reward it’s supposed too.

What's up with that??

The game is fine, however I watch ads to get boosts but I'm sometimes cheated by not getting one. Also, after watching some ads the app crashes.

Don’t spend money on it

The game is extremely short with no real updates to it.

App is broken

Why is it every time I play an ad this app shuts down after the ad? It is broken, either fix it or eliminate all of the ads.

Ads not working

I don’t mind watching an ad to get a bonus, but the vast majority of them don’t grant anything at all. The app acts as if you didn’t watch anything. Very annoying.

Please fix update grrrrrrrrrr

Update needs an update all ads keep crashing and won’t give more time I’ve let them know their ads don’t run right and still no fixing I haven’t been able to play for over a week now just crash after crash after crash after crash and I’ve already spent a lot of money my bad I guess

Enjoyable until level 150

I really enjoyed this until I hit level 150...I would really enjoy more prestige unlocked as time goes on...after I got to around 160 or so I delete the app and start over since there is nothing really special after unlocking thunder...add more please!

Loved this game!!!!!

I did not even dowload this game I just played on the ad it let try the game out and I loved it!!!!😻🌈

Very fun!!

But it keeps crashing when trying to acquire the boost.

Love this game

I think it’s time for another prestige

Ads don’t work!!!!!!!

Anytime I try to point boost or speed boost, the ads never give the x at the end. So I have to try 8 times to get the right ad that actually works to confirm that I watched the video. This game seems fun. And I enjoyed it. But holy hell these ads are maddening. I would love to play it but I am deleting the app due to the horrible ads that never work.


Crashes every time you use a booster. Frustrating. Deleting app.

Keeps crashing

Fun game just expect it to kick you out after you watch any ad.

Adds,and glitches 😠

When I got this app it started glitching then it showed adds I wanted to buy the no adds thing but it was a waste of money so I didn’t buy it.but its a pretty good app too😐

Fun except for when it crashes after an ad

App keeps crashing after I watch an ad. I cannot use any boosts and I also can’t double my money after being idle. Definitely feel ripped off because I paid for no ads and now the game won’t work whenever I do decide to watch an ad.

Gets hacked

This game is fun, and is genuinely fun. However, the app frequently seems to get hacked and sends you to a random web page, or a random App Store page. They aren’t from the ads either. For the amount of unsafe places it’s taken me to I am deleting the app until hopefully future updates fix the issue

Sorry I’m not sorry.

New commercials don’t allow you to extend the bonus. Will no longer be playing this mindless game. “Bye Felecia”

Wasn’t bad at first, but I can’t even play anymore

Games pretty basic, it’s something to do to waste time. Idk why but every time I open the game it decides to try and send me to the App Store or just pull up a random add. I even tried to just keep exiting out of the App Store and adds but after about 30 times I decided the games just not worth it...

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